Construction Delays

Construction Delay Lawyers in Denver, CO

The axiom that “time is money” is perhaps more apt in the construction industry than anywhere else. Every day lost, every deadline missed, every problem unaddressed can result in significant losses for property owners, developers, investors, and contractors. It can also lead to costly conflicts and claims for damages that can poison relationships and further impact the profitability and prospects of a project and a partnership.

At Parrish and Jennings, our Denver construction delay attorneys understand the frustration and financial drain caused when a project fails to meet agreed-upon schedules. We have the substantial experience, industry knowledge, and resources needed to quantify and recover the losses that flow from construction delays or protect our clients’ from unjustified claims. 

Thorough Analysis and Zealous Advocacy in Construction Delay Claims

When schedules fall by the wayside and a construction site sits idle, our experienced construction delay lawyers thoroughly analyze all relevant factors that played a role in the delay or loss of productivity. We identify and assign responsibility, establish the contractual, factual, and legal bases to support our clients’ position, and reach resolutions that protect and advance our clients’ interests. 

We use our considerable industry knowledge to determine whether a delay is excusable or non-excusable and whether time-related costs are compensable or non-compensable based on the language in applicable agreements. If we conclude that a delay supports a claim for damages, we analyze the types of damages you can recover and the evidence and proof needed to succeed on your claim. 

For contractors asserting delay claims, we pursue all recoverable damages, including:

  • Indirect costs incurred during the extended performance period. 
  • Home office overhead incurred during the extended performance period.
  • Increased material direct costs that occur during the delay.
  • Lost productivity caused by the delay. 
  • Any other damages directly related to and arising out of the delay.

For owners or developers, we similarly seek to recover all losses arising from a contractor’s delay, including:

  • Any liquidated damages provided by the applicable agreements.
  • Any additional supervisorial expenses.
  • Other additional expenses caused by the delay.
  • Overhead costs incurred during the delay period.
  • Reasonable value of loss of use.  
  • Lost rents.
  • Interest expense.
  • Any other reasonably foreseeable damages the owner may have incurred, including lost profits.

Why Parrish and Jennings for Your Construction Delay Claims?

Effectively and efficiently resolving construction delay claims requires more than an understanding of the law. It requires a complete grasp of the practical realities of complex construction projects and the hows and whys of construction delays. Parrish and Jennings’ construction lawyers bring these qualities to the table when representing clients in delay claims. We recognize that delays already cost you money, and we are mindful of how our efforts affect your bottom line. Our experience and knowledge allow us to pursue and defend claims cost-effectively without compromising the quality of representation we provide.

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Construction delays happen, but that doesn’t mean they should. It also doesn’t mean faultless parties should bear the costs and burdens of delays if responsibility lies elsewhere. At Parrish and Jennings, we bring our legal acumen and personal commitment to resolving construction delay claims of all sizes and complexity.   

If you have questions or concerns about a construction delay matter, please contact Parrish and Jennings today to arrange your free initial consultation. We look forward to the privilege of assisting you.