Denver Personal Injury Attorneys

Helping Clients Throughout Colorado

The Denver injury lawyers of Parrish and Jennings are forceful advocates and steadfast allies for individuals and families throughout Colorado who have suffered injuries or lost a loved one due to someone else’s recklessness, irresponsibility, or negligence. 

All It Takes is One Moment

One moment is all it takes for a life to be turned upside-down.
One moment is all it takes for a drunk or distracted driver to inflict catastrophic injuries or needlessly take an innocent person’s life. 

One moment is all it takes for someone to suffer a life-changing traumatic brain or spinal injury because of a fall on property left in a dangerous condition by a negligent owner.

One moment is all it takes for a construction worker to find themselves out of work for months – or longer – because of an on-the-job injury that leaves them unable to provide for their family.  

Any of these moments can turn into a lifetime of physical, practical, and financial struggles as individuals adjust to life in the aftermath of a severe injury or families try to move forward after the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one.

And all it takes is one moment to reach out to committed and compassionate personal injury attorneys who can get you the answers, justice, and compensation you deserve.

Champions For Denver Injury Victims and their Families

The Denver personal injury lawyers at Parrish and Jennings understand the shock, confusion, and worry that follow in the wake of a serious car wreck, slip and fall, construction accident, or other incident that causes injury or death. Years of medical treatment and rehabilitation, mounting bills coupled with lost earnings, and a life no longer what it once was can pose overwhelming challenges. When the negligent, reckless, or wrongful conduct of another person causes such upheaval, victims and their families are left with questions about what happened, who they can hold accountable, and what to do next. 

We know that injury victims and their families need answers, guidance, and the resources that can aid in their recovery. They also need Denver personal injury attorneys who are committed to doing everything possible to get them the compensation and justice they deserve.

Personal Injuries. Personal Commitment. Personal Attention. 

We are attorneys Chris Parrish and Reid Jennings. We are longtime friends and colleagues who share a passion for helping individuals and families put their lives back together after being shattered by a senseless and avoidable accident. With equal measures of compassion, tenacity, and legal acumen, we provide exceptional representation for injury victims in the Denver area and up and down the Front Range. 

We formed Parrish and Jennings with the guiding principle that our clients come first. This includes every aspect of the attorney-client relationship from the initial meeting to the conclusion of your legal matter. We have many years of combined experience and have personally resolved hundreds of personal injury cases, both through pre-trial settlement and trial. 

And when you hire us as your lawyers, you get us as your lawyers. We won’t hand you off to another attorney, you will always be able to reach us with any questions or concerns, and we will never leave you wondering about the status of your case. Because we know that personal injury matters aren’t just about lawsuits, they are about lives. 

Colorado Injury Lawyers Who Stand By You Every Step of The Way

For injury victims and their families in Denver and throughout Colorado, Parrish and Jennings provide aggressive representation in cases involving:  

From the moment you first meet with us to the moment your case concludes to any time in the future that you may have questions, concerns, or new issues, we will be there. Whether you call us from an accident scene, a hospital bed, or your home, we promise to be responsive and attentive. Once you retain us, we will immediately get to work, taking the steps necessary to get you the medical care and resources you need and putting you in the best position to obtain the maximum amount of compensation available for your injuries. 

We will also protect you from insurance companies determined to pay you little or nothing for your injuries. The tactics they use to bully and manipulate injury victims into accepting lowball and unfair settlements won’t work on us. We see through their games and won’t let them nickel and dime out clients out of what they deserve.

Parrish and Jennings: Denver Personal Injury Lawyers

At Parrish and Jennings, we stand ready to help you recover in the aftermath of a catastrophic injury or loss of a loved one. If you have questions or would like to learn more about how we help clients like you get their lives back, please contact us today to arrange for your free initial consultation. We look forward to the privilege of serving you.