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Even the slightest problem with a building’s design, construction, or materials can create a chain reaction of claims, lawsuits, and liabilities that quickly derail a project. The fallout of a construction defect may engulf buyers and sellers, developers and homeowners, and contractors and design professionals, all of whom want to point the finger of blame somewhere else. 

Litigating and resolving construction defect claims requires attorneys who understand the nuts and bolts of all types of construction projects, as well as the nuances of Colorado construction law. At Parrish and Jennings, our Denver construction defect lawyers possess an impressive depth and breadth of experience with construction defect cases. That experience allows us to view these complex cases holistically, considering all the legal, contractual, engineering, warranty, and insurance issues that intersect with construction defect claims. We obtain favorable outcomes that hold responsible parties accountable for their errors while protecting innocent parties from unjustified claims. 

Experienced Counsel for All Types of Construction Defect Claims

Construction defects can arise at any stage of a project, from when the first blueprint is drafted to when the last nail is driven. The most common types of construction defects are:

  • Design defects: Flaws in an architect’s or engineer’s design can manifest as serious or dangerous structural defects and deficient construction methods.
  • Construction defects: Shoddy workmanship by contractors or subcontractors and coordination problems by general contractors can impact a structure’s integrity, its foundation, or its plumbing, electrical, or HVAC systems. 
  • Defective materials: Even the best plans and finest construction work may not be enough to avoid defects if the materials used are substandard.   
  • Subsurface defects: Failure to build a solid foundation that considers soil conditions and other subsurface hazards can cause cracks, shifting, and long-term structural distress.

We Understand the Complexities of Colorado Construction Defect Law

The Colorado Construction Defect Action Reform Act (“CDARA”), C.R.S. § 13-20-801, et seq., governs claims of alleged defects and deficiencies on a project and includes detailed requirements for initiating a claim before filing a lawsuit and specific procedures to follow after filing suit. Failure to understand and follow this statute to the letter – and abide by its strict notice and deadline requirements – can doom an otherwise viable claim.

The successful pursuit or defense of a construction defect claim involves more than the law. It requires the technical expertise of construction and design professionals whose opinions and testimony can prove pivotal in a case. During our many years handling construction claims in Denver and throughout Colorado, we have developed strong relationships with an extensive network of highly regarded subject matter experts, including construction cost accountants, architects, engineers, and other consultants. All of them contribute to and enhance our efforts on behalf of our clients. 

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The risk of defects and deficiencies is inherent in any construction project. When those risks are realized, experienced construction defect counsel is indispensable no matter the nature of the problem or your role in the project. At Parrish and Jennings, we bring our legal acumen and personal commitment to resolving construction defect claims of all sizes and complexity.   

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