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Helping You Navigate the Complexities of Complex Construction Legalities Throughout Colorado

No matter your role in a construction or development project, you must prepare for and address distinct challenges and unique risks. At Parrish and Jennings, our Denver construction litigation attorneys have a lengthy record of success protecting and advancing our clients’ interests in a wide range of construction disputes.

Construction Industry Knowledge and Skilled Advocacy

Every phase of a construction project offers opportunities for achieving positive results and the potential for disruptive and costly conflicts. Construction disputes can cause catastrophic damage to your business and reputation if not handled properly. When disagreements arise, whether on paper or on-site, how you address such risks canneutralize such threats will have an enduring impact on your company’s future. 

Whether you are an owner, developer, construction manager, design professional, general contractor, subcontractor, supplier, or lender, complex and consequential construction litigation requires attorneys who combine skilled advocacy with an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry.

At Parrish and Jennings, our Denver construction litigation lawyers have deep and diverse experience with the construction industry andin every type of construction dispute. Such knowledge is indispensable, as the laws and principles that apply when interpreting construction agreements and resolving conflicts are often as intricate as a building’s schematics.

For example, the Colorado Construction Defect Action Reform Act (“CDARA”), C.R.S. § 13-20-801et seq., governs claims of alleged defects and deficiencies on a project and includes specific requirements for initiating a claim before filing suit and after a lawsuit has been filed. Further, there may be specific limitations on the damages that a claimant can recover. Similarly, the mechanics’ lien statutes, C.R.S. § 38-22-101et seq., establish many procedural hurdles that must be overcome to enforce mechanics’ lien rights effectively. 

We Know What’s at Stake 

We understand what’s at stake and recognize the consequences of construction defects, delays, unexpected change orders, cost overruns, and non-payment. We know how miscommunication or unclear documentation can quickly devolve into complexintractable disputes that put a project at risk. Whether involving commercial, industrial, retail, mixed-use, or residential projects and developments, our attorneys develop and implement strategies designed to achieve favorable resolutions as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

We accomplish these goals by leveraging the talents of trial lawyers who are as adept at uncovering critical details as they are at viewing a dispute through the lens of a client’s broader business interests. This includes diving into the intertwined aspects of a construction project and focusing on the facts and motivations that lay at the heart of a conflict while avoiding distractions and ancillary issues that can prolong and increase litigation costs. 

Winning Strategies Inside and Outside the Courtroom 

No matter the underlying nature of a construction dispute, Denver construction lawyers Parrish and Jennings deliver an arsenal of knowledge that we can seamlessly deploy when needed to support our clients’ objectives. Our experience with these complex matters also facilitates pre-construction transactional representation that can insulate our clients from exposure and best position them for a positive outcome if conflicts arise. 

We recognize that “winning” in construction litigation means little when the price of victory includes overwhelming legal fees, severed business relationships, projects left unfinished, or ambiguities that can lead to even more cost and conflict. As a smaller firm, Parrish and Jennings prides itself on its ability to be agile and efficient, delivering high-quality representation without the high overhead or redundancy that can inflate large firm bills. 

During our many years of working with construction industry clients in Denver and throughout Colorado, we’ve developed relationships with an extensive network of highly credentialed subject matter experts whose opinions and testimony can be pivotal to securing a positive result. We can quickly engage schedulers, construction cost accountants, architects, engineers, or other consultants on behalf of our clients without unnecessary costs or delays. 

While we always look for creative solutions to construction disputes that can accomplish client goals without protracted litigation, Parish and Jennings’ attorneys are ready to provide the strategic and aggressive courtroom representation our clients need and deserve. 

In appropriate circumstances or where mandated by applicable agreements, we bring our advocacy and negotiation skills to alternative dispute resolution forums. Our attorneys have arbitrated numerous complex cases before the American Arbitration Association and independent neutral arbitrators and have effectively resolved matters on favorable terms in mediations. 

Strategic and Effective Representation in All Denver Construction Disputes 

Parrish and Jennings’ construction litigation capabilities include: 

  • ● Claim review, preparation, and analysis
  • ● Scheduling issues, including delays, inefficiencies, interference, compression, acceleration, and related matters
  • ● Differing site condition claims
  • ● Design issues
  • ● Latent defect cases
  • ● Construction defects
  • ● Bonding/surety issues
  • ● FAR contracts
  • ● Mechanics lien claims
  • ● Product failures
  • ● Liquidated damages claims
  • ● Insurance coverage disputes
  • ● Termination issues
  • ● Jobsite safety issues / OSHA disputes
  • ● Employment and labor issues

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Of course, the best disputes or lawsuits are the ones that never happen. Our strategic advocacy, creative problem-solving, and construction industry knowledge allow us to minimize the potential for litigation and put our clients in a strong position to counter any future claims successfully.

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