Helping You Navigate the Complexities of Complex Construction Legalities Throughout Colorado

Construction litigation encompasses a vast range of disputes and claims that can arise out of a construction project. These disputes and claims can range from construction defect matters to construction site injuries caused by inadequate jobsite protections or dangerous conditions on the jobsite to payment disputes and lien matters. There are specific statutes and regulations governing the various types of disputes that can arise from a construction case. For example, the Colorado Construction Defect Action Reform Act (“CDARA”), C.R.S. § 13-20-801, et seq. , governs claims of alleged defects and deficiencies on a project and includes specific requirements to initiate a claim prior to filing suit and after a lawsuit has been filed. Further, there may be specific limitations on the damages that can be recovered. Similarly, the mechanics’ lien statutes, C.R.S. § 38-22-101, et seq., provide specific procedural hurdles to validly enforce mechanics’ lien rights. Failing to comply with the time limitations or procedures required by the mechanics’ lien statutes can mean lien rights may be forfeited. This is not fatal to a claim for outstanding amounts but may mean it is harder to recover any unpaid invoices.

In addition to complying with any applicable statutory requirements, construction claims often implicate numerous parties and complex contracts that may include indemnity obligations, pre-lawsuit conditions (such as mediation procedures), or arbitration provisions. Understanding how the parties, contracts, and issues all fit together is important to effectively and efficiently handle a construction claim. The attorneys at Parrish and Jennings have the experience and technical knowledge to assist with any construction-related dispute that may arise. Call the construction litigation attorneys at Parrish and Jennings to discuss your case.

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